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Words are my thing

Whether I’m writing them, reading them, editing them, using them to tell my clients’ or other people’s stories, publishing them, or teaching stuff about them – words pretty much inform my whole life. 

As a freelance writer and editor, I help clients from  large corporates to small businesses create compelling content for a range of interesting projects.

I’m also a passionate storyteller, self-publisher, and the author of four non-fiction books. These include Never Forget, a collection of six incredible true World War II stories, and The Long Way Home, the story of a British child migrant sent to an Australian farm school in 1950.

After more than 30 years as a New Zealand journalist, writer, editor and self-publisher, I’ve picked up lots of tips and tricks, which I love to share on my YouTube channel , in my email newsletter, and on my Jo Bailey Author Facebook page.

Every person has a story worth telling, and during my Writing Life Stories workshop, budding writers are given the tools they need to get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). 

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Creating dynamic copy and content you can utilise across all your platforms is at the heart of my business.

With a background in journalism and extensive experience as a publisher and editor, I can walk you through the process from concept, creation and design to the implementation and delivery of your printed or online projects, including in-house publications, website content, blogs, press releases, marketing and communications copy, newsletters, eBooks, social media and more. Need a script for a promotional video or advertisement, or some compelling words for a funding application or award nomination? I can help with that too.  Check out my full list of services.

During my long career, I have interviewed everyone from celebrities, politicians and sports stars, to businesses owners across almost every sector imaginable. This experience has left me comfortable to talk to pretty much anyone about any topic!

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Never Forget and The Long Way Home are both available as e-books on AmazonPrint versions of Never Forget can also be ordered from my website here, and both books will be available in print on Amazon SOON 

Never Forget is a collection of six true World War II stories – two featuring New Zealand servicemen, and four stories about children of war in Poland, the UK, the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies under the Russian, German and Japanese occupation of these countries. Many people who lived through World War II were unable to speak about what they experienced and witnessed, but others, often later in their life, like the wonderful people featured in Never Forget, have found it cathartic to tell their stories, and preserve them for future generations. 

The Long Way Home is the story of Ronnie Sabin, who at the age of 11 was part of a street gang, living in the slums of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK. He and his brothers were rounded up by the authorities, made wards of the court, and sent to Australia as child migrants. It would be 55 years before Ronnie would finally return to the UK. This gut-wrenching, yet often hilarious story given Ronnie’s ‘hard case’ character, tells the positive side of the children migrant story, with Ronnie crediting his upbringing at the farm school in Australia for turning his life around.