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Whether I’m writing them, reading them, editing them, using them to tell my clients’ or others’ stories, publishing them, or teaching stuff about them – words pretty much inform my whole life.

I'm passionate about helping you tell your story!

I’ve built up a stack of experience and knowledge over my 35 year career as a writer, author, editor and publisher, which I love to share with people just like you!

As we collectively experience the global COVID-19 pandemic, we all have our own unique stories to share. I believe there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to get your pandemic experiences and thoughts down on paper. If you find the prospect a little daunting, why not download my FREE printable PDF worksheet? It has lots of tips, writing prompts, and plenty of space, so you can get writing while the memories of this time are still fresh! 

Let me help you to write your pandemic story!

Download the worksheet with BONUS infographic here

Ready to start writing your life or family story?

Everyone is a unique and special human, with a life story that is definitely worth telling! Would you love to get pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to write about your life, your family, or maybe a biography about someone else? Getting words onto the page doesn’t have to be be a daunting or overwhelming task. Writing a good story is like baking a cake. Once you are clear about what you want to create, and have gathered all the ingredients you need – the process is a whole lot easier. I’d love to show you how!

During my Writing Life Stories workshop you’ll learn all about the ingredients that make a good story, how to gather them, and how to mix them into a finished product you are proud of.

This course is currently taught to groups, either live, or over Zoom. Later in 2020, I’m launching an EXTENDED ONLINE VERSION of this course with VIDEO MODULES you can work through in your own time. Watch this space

Want to learn some cool writing tips?

Have you dived into some writing, but could use a few pro tips? Why not check out one of my all time fave Writing Tips of the Week below or watch some other video tips here. For even more writing advice and book news, sign up for my email newsletter, read my blog, or join the conversation at Jo Bailey Author on Facebook.

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Looking for a good book to read?

Do you love memoir and stories from the past? Two of my non-fiction titles are available as e-books on Amazon.  Never Forget is a collection of incredible true World War II stories including two stories about New Zealand servicemen and four stories about children of war from the Netherlands, Dutch East Indies, Poland and the UK who later came to New Zealand. The Long Way Home is the the story of an underprivileged British boy, plucked from the slums of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with  his two brothers, and sent to an Australian farm school in 1950 under the Child Migrant Scheme.
Both books will be available in print on Amazon soon and I am currently doing a second print run of Never Forget, so will have more copies available to purchase from this website in late October/early November.

Does your business need dynamic content?

I help SMEs and corporates with a range of interesting projects, utilising my background in journalism and extensive experience as a publisher and editor.

I can walk you right through the process from concept, creation and design to the implementation and delivery of your printed or online projects, including in-house publications, website content, blogs, press releases, marketing and communications copy, newsletters, eBooks, social media and more. Need a script for a promotional video or advertisement, or some compelling words for a funding application or award nomination? I can help with that too.  Check out my full list of services.

Have a question about any of the above? Send an email to jo@jobailey.com