My four non-fiction books contain true stories of some incredible New Zealanders – many who were born here, and others, who ended up here through circumstances beyond their control. What a privilege it has been to be trusted to write these stories, and in doing so, ensure they will not be forgotten in the passing of time. 

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Never Forget is a collection of six true World War II stories – two featuring New Zealand servicemen, and four stories about children of war from Poland, the UK, the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies, who grew up under the Russian, German and Japanese occupation of these countries. These stories remind us of the impact on war on ordinary citizens, and their inspiring courage and will to survive in the face of harrowing wartime conditions.
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The Long Way Home is the story of Ronnie Sabin, who at the age of 11 was part of a street gang, living in the slums of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK. He and his brothers were rounded up by the authorities, made wards of the court, and sent to Australia as child migrants. It would be 55 years before Ronnie would finally return to the UK. This book tells the positive side of the children migrant story, with Ronnie crediting his upbringing at the farm school in Australia for turning his life around.  Read more about Ronnie’s story here

My other two books are From Rag Trade to Mag Trade, the business story and biography of fashion designer Annah Stretton; and When the Doors Go Up, the 50 year history of the Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade.