When the Doors Go Up

In 2010, the Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade celebrated 50 years of protecting lives and property in their community, helping those in need when they are unable to help themselves.
When the Doors Go Up was published in late 2012 to celebrate this milestone. 

They are the everyday people who deal with danger, tragedy, and trauma on a regular basis – and then return home to resume their normal lives.
Like other volunteer fire fighters and ambulance officers throughout New Zealand, they do so for no reward or gratification, other than the knowledge they have helped their community.
When the Doors Go Up celebrates the first five decades of the Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade – from its establishment as a small rural fire party in 1960, to becoming a fully-equipped, well-run and dedicated District Brigade, that today, services the fastest growing fire district in New Zealand.
Read about the struggles of the brigade’s leadership as they worked towards its major milestones – becoming a District Brigade in its own right in 1995, and opening its new station in 2003.
Learn about the culture of support, courage, pride and camaraderie within the brigade and the importance of the brigade family.
Meet a few of the brigade’s characters and enjoy some of the lighter moments they have shared.
Some of the more notable incidents in the Woodend Fire District and beyond are also covered, including heartbreaking accounts of the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, written by brigade members themselves.
At any potentially dangerous event it is the brave men and women of brigades such as Woodend who put themselves in harm’s way to help those in need.
This book is in honour of their service.

When the Doors Go Up can be purchased directly from Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade.