From Rag Trade to Mag Trade


From Rag Trade to Mag Trade takes a fascinating glimpse into the life of one of New Zealand’s most successful female entrepreneurs and dedicated philanthropists.

Annah Stretton founded her fashion empire on a Waikato dairy farm in the early 1990s. Within a year she had turned over her first million dollars.

With passion, determination and sheer hard work, Annah grew Stretton Clothing Company into a $10 million a year business, with 30 retail stores in New Zealand and a growing global market for her highly desirable clothing collections. Then a snap decision to purchase a floundering business magazine ignited her passion for a completely new industry – publishing. It only took a few months before her drive and creative flair resurrected Her Business magazine and turned it into New Zealand’s fastest growing business title. While many would wilt under Annah’s hectic schedule, she still finds time to ‘pay it forward’ through her considerable mentoring and philanthropic endeavours. She is also a dedicated partner and mother. With her trademark raw honesty, the multi-award winning businesswoman recounts her business triumphs and challenges, relationship highs and lows, and gives a behind the scenes insight into the fashion and publishing worlds.

Kate Monohan of Waikato Times commented :

“Written by Jo Bailey but in the voice of Stretton it’s a candid look at life behind the frou frou fashions…”
“It’s a light breezy read…”
“For fashion students, frock fans and retail business owners it’s a must read.”

From Rag Trade to Mag Trade can be purchased from Annah Stretton’s website