Never Forget


The stories in Jo’s book (and the lives of her subjects) have amazing plots, dramatic changes of fortune, crisis, conflict and resolution, accompanied by persistent threat – all the elements of great fiction. We meet sharply drawn characters, people like us, doing what they can to survive, with great modesty and great courage. Yet this isn’t fiction. These are real stories – lives documented – of people we might have known, who lived down the street or around the corner, and knew our parents or grandparents.”

Ian Latham
Founder of

War affects everyone, from the brave people who fight to defend our freedom, to the civilian citizens of all ages whose lives are changed forever by conflict. In these uncertain times, when the divisions between nations seem wider than ever, and the nuclear ambitions of a handful of world leaders create fears for the future, the importance of remembering and honouring stories which show the impact of war has perhaps never been greater.

Never Forget has been a true labour of love for me over a number of years. It has been a complete privilege for me to tell these special stories and to honour the memories of the wonderful people who feature in this book. Each has told their stories with courage and honesty, and trusted me to recount them authentically.

I’m grateful to them all….

The print version of Never Forget was released in July 2018.  It will be released as an e-Book on Amazon in mid-March 2019, along with Jo’s second book, The Long Way Home