Re-fixing your mortgage?

Take advantage of my free advice and you could save thousands!

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If your fixed rate mortgage is coming to an end, you can expect your bank to offer you a new interest rate. But how can you tell if it’s the best rate going? Banks are in the game to make as much profit as they can and won’t willingly offer up their best deals and offers without being pushed. Having the correct mortgage structure for your circumstances can also have a positive impact. Are you sure that revolving credit mortgage or Employee Package is still working for you? How much of your debt should be fixed and how much floating? Perhaps a different term might suit you better now? And if you’ve improved your equity position since you fixed the mortgage, you may be able to save even more interest.

Is this already sounding like too much hard work? That’s where I come in!

Why not take advantage of my significant experience as an independent mortgage advisor? I have my finger on the pulse with all the banks and can offer you free, impartial advice about the best loans and structure to suit your needs. This doesn’t mean you will have to leave your bank to get a better deal. In most cases this won’t happen. Once we have met and I have a clear understanding of your unique position, I will go into bat for you with your bank, ask them the hard questions, keep them honest, and ensure you are getting the best offer and structure out there!

So when should we chat?

If rates are rising, it’s wise to pounce as early as possible to save some valuable points. I urge you not to simply roll over the mortgage and agree to the bank’s first offer, but at least do some due diligence about the options out there. To make it easier – why not get in touch with me and I can work on your behalf to ensure you are getting the best possible solutions tailored to your unique circumstances. And best of all – my service is FREE!

What if your fixed rate mortgage doesn’t end for another year or two?

No problem. Email me at and let me know the date your fixed rate expires. I will add you to my database and get in touch around 75 days before the due date to start the process of saving you money. It’s that simple!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Darren Caldwell

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